The Sandlot Project

The Sandlot Project is a online program designed for kids ideally ages 5-12 years old implanting CrossFit at a young age to instill knowledge, safety, hard work ethic. Our goal is to provide an at home daily program that parents can help lead there kids to complete that fine tunes their 10 general physical skills and has them miles ahead of the competition in any sport that they can carry these skills over to. We will provide daily task (chores) that will teach responsibility and again work ethic. We will also have monthly online competitions where the winners can win prizes every month.

Daily Layout:

A warm-up suggestion (12-15 min)
Workout Description, movement subs and modifications (5-6 min)
Workout (Varied Time Frames)
Cool Down – This is wear we will suggest daily task or quick chores around the house to help mom and dad and use as a cool down!

Daily Programming:

Workout Demos, movement tips and coaching tutorials

Multiple Versions of the Daily Workout based on skill level, available equipment and personal goals.

The Daily Program Includes:

A Warm-up suggestion, Daily Workout, Movement subs and modifications, Videos demos, tips and more!

Extra Programs:

If you are interested in focusing on specific progressions on top of the daily programming and accessory workouts, we offer a growing assortment of short term progression programs for ALL training levels.

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