Massage Therapy

Laurie Winters is a licensed massage therapist (L.M.T.) and as been massaging since 2004. Favorite modality is Deep Tissue/Trigger Point Therapy. She loves her work. The satisfaction of helping and healing any one she can is why she chose to become a massage therapist. She is a consultant for doTERRA Essential Oils. Sports is a big part of her life especially basketball. She learned to work hard and to hit her goals. She played D1 ball at Weber State University in Utah. Loves being around athletes and playing any sport that gives her competition.

Favorite quote is by good old Billy Blanks, “Where you are today is where your mind puts you….Where you are tomorrow is where your mind puts you.”

Laurie is from Star Valley, Wyoming. Has a beautiful family for eternity, husband, Tucker and two kids, Trey and Zoey.

We are proud to have Laurie be a part of our CrossFit family to work on our aches and pains. Laurie takes appointments all throughout the week here at the box. Find here hanging around the box, or contact here to set your next message.